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Working in conjunction with the doctors at Hudak Chiropractic Clinic, P.C. of Saint Joseph, MI, our certified and licensed medical massage therapists help to provide the most complete care for your condition.

Alleviate Your Pain with Massage

Various Massage Techniques

•   Release sore and tight muscles

•   Relieve nerve compression

•   Deactivate myofascial trigger points

•   Decrease pain and inflammation

•   Ease stress and improve circulation

•   Myofascial release

•   Trigger point therapy

•   Deep tissue massage

•   Rehabilitative stretching

Rejuvenating Medical Massage Therapy

“...I started out two times a week then a week for about three weeks then every two weeks and now I’m feeling pretty good...”


- Dale Mueller

Before you meet with our massage therapy, you must meet with a doctor. Call for an appointment.