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Arrive for your appointment with the doctors at Saint Joseph, MI's Hudak Chiropractic Clinic, P.C. ahead of the game by having all of your forms filled out. This will help us make your appointment more efficient, so we can spend more time taking care of you instead of taking care of paperwork.

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In order to complete your forms online, you will be emailed a personalized link from our office staff once your appointment has been scheduled. Otherwise you can print out all the forms above and bring them to your appointment. If you can't complete these forms before you arrive, please come in at least 15 minutes early.


If you're a returning patient, you will need to update your demographics and health history during your first visit of the year. You can download the health history form above or come to our office at least 10 minutes before your appointment and do it then.

Complete Your New and Existing Patient Forms

“When I came to you my shoulder movement was very limited... but since your treatment with the Cold Laser, I now have full range use of my shoulder without pain."


- Richard Denman

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