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“I am a person that developed a back problem a while back and thought I could hold out for a while with the pain ’till it went away. Guess what, it didn’t, so a fellow employee told me about Hudak Chiropractic Clinic. I decided to go see him and he made some adjustments and also a 10 to 15 minute laser treatment and a half hour massage after each adjustment. I started out two times a week then a week for about three weeks then every two weeks and now I’m feeling pretty good. I will still go back every now and then to head off any more of those nagging back pains.”


Dale Mueller

“As an athlete, the laser treatment has been a huge help to me. Before I began to use the laser, I felt much pain when I played basketball because of my patella tendonitis. It was even hard for me to run and jump at times. As I began taking the laser treatments, the pain decreased drastically and I was able to run easily and dunk. Now, after two months of intense basketball, I am going into my football season with fresh knees all because of the laser treatment.”


Harold Wiggins, Jr.

“After receiving cold laser treatment, the chronic pain in the tendons and muscle around my elbow has been eliminated!”


Gwen McKeon

"Dr. Hudak and Associates,

Just a line to thank you for correcting my shoulder that I dislocated. In addition to an adjustment you used a new method of treatment I was not familiar with – namely Cold Laser Treatment. When I came to you my shoulder movement was very limited without experiencing considerable pain, but since your treatment with the Cold Laser, I now have full range use of my shoulder without pain. That’s an amazing piece of equipment. I could tell improvement with each treatment."


Richard Denman

Nagging Back Pains

Patella Tendonitis

Chronic Pain

Dislocated Shoulder

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